About Us

Hello! Thank you so much for checking out Found it! Pound it!

A couple of summers ago, my kids were sitting around bored and I decided to send them on a treasure hunt. But because it was so hot outside, I knew the treasure hunt would need to be indoors. I also knew that if I hid anything under couch cushions or behind pillows the house would quickly be a mess from the kids frantic search. So, I quickly crafted some items which could blend in with their surroundings and be hidden in plain sight. I strategically placed the objects around a room and then invited the kids to come in and find them. I had to remind them that the items were in plain sight. Because they couldn’t see them right away they thought for sure they were hidden under a pillow or couch cushion! The first item was found and my son yelled, “FOUND IT!” I instinctively responded, “Found it? Pound it!” and gave him a fist bump. This became the procedure each time an item was found. Someone would yell, “FOUND IT!” and then come give me a fist bump.

Now, the kids were thoroughly engaged. I played a couple more rounds and then moved on to something else. They continued to play… for hours! In fact, we went over to my mom and dad’s later that day and my kids brought the game with us and played it with their cousins, again, for hours!

I knew we were on to something because there are other parents out there like us who want something fun and engaging for their kids to do without their kids tearing the house apart. That is why we are excited to bring to you the simple and easy game: Found it! Pound it! It really is the game you’ve been playing all your life because it is so simple. It’s like an Easter egg hunt or hide-and-seek. What makes Found it! Pound it! so special is the tags are hidden in plain sight. And doesn’t it seem like the hardest thing to find, when we are looking for it, is the thing that is “hidden” right in front of us!?

We sincerely hope that your family, like ours, finds hours of enjoyment playing Found it! Pound it!

God bless!
The Whitehead’s