Game Variations

Found it! Pound it! (1 hides, all seek)

This is the most common way to play the game.

  1. One player hides the tags in plain sight around a room, using the color of the tag to camouflage the tag with items in the room.
  2. Once all the tags are hidden, the other players come and seek them.
  3. When a seeker finds a tag, they shout “Found it!” The hider responds, “Found it? Pound it!” and the two give each other a fist bump.
  4. The seeker who finds the most tags is the new hider.

Watch this video for a quick overview of how to play the game.

Hide n’ Seek (All hide, 1 seeks)

This is the opposite of the standard game. In this variation one person is the seeker and everyone else is a hider. Whoever hid the last tag found becomes the new seeker.

Team Hide n’ Seek (Both teams hide & seek)

In this variation players are split into two (or more teams). Each team takes an equal number of tags and hides them in their own room. Once all teams are done hiding, teams take turns searching the other teams room to find all the tags. Once all the tags in that room are found, teams move to the next room. This continues until all tags are found.

Speed Round (Both teams hide & seek)

In this variation the hider is given a time limit to hide the tags (for example, 1 minute to hide them all). Any tags not hidden in the time limit go to the seekers. Then, seekers are given a time limit to find the tags. Any tags not found in the time limit go to the hider. Whoever ends up with the most tags is the hider. If tags are left unfound at the end of the time limit that means the hider could get to be the hider a second time!